Captains Log from the star ship "Sparky's Dream" Written up by Jaqui Smy

On our maiden tidal voyage we were blessed to have an A-list cast on board Sparky’s Dream; Alan, Denise & Roger.

8 a.m. sharp we set off from Teddington with Tony and Jean and friends on Pastiche, Andy and Sandie and their daughter on Crestal, Barry, Sally and Phil on Miss Pud’n.

Our first major obstacle - lots and lots of rowers! All captains kept a cool head and, with a respectful lower speed, proceeded on a steady course. Finally we were through the other side without any hand gesturing from rowers – that’s a first!

We see Tower Bridge before us and then we see the clippers – now that’s a wake...eeekkk! Next, the speed boats... double eeekkk! But it is all worth it for the breath taking views of London from our privileged position on the river.

We finally get to show time when Captain Sparky is given the nod by Alan to let rip. We look behind and like Neptune rising from the depths; Pastiche, Crestal and Miss Pud’n also hit the throttle. Amazing sight to behold!

Arriving at the barrier, Alan takes the lead and calls London VTS to inform them of our impending arrival requesting passage. At Horse Shoe Corner, all anchored for a spot of lunch whilst Sparky's Dream carried on to the QE2 Bridge.

As the weather turns, we secured the canopy to keep the crew warm. Through wind and rain swept windscreen, we finally see the QE2 Bridge in front of us – whoooppeeee!

About turn and after a brief anchorage with the others, we decide to get going again. This time, Captain Sparky calls LVTS to request passage through the barrier. All safely through, team Sparky relax not realising that LVTS were calling Sparky’s Dream. Lesson learnt; keep a ear out for the radio at all times! Finally we take the call and were instructed to switch channels for further conversation with them. Like naughty school children in trouble with the head master we wondered what we had done wrong. Captain Sparky moves channel and was congratulated by LVTS on a professional passage through the barrier. Speechless, we all breathe sigh of relief.

At Oliver’s Ait, we hear a shout from Andy on Crestal ‘”there is a body!” Everyone takes a look at the murder scene whilst Andy calls the police. Andy then informs us all “at ease; police have confirmed it is a dummy put there for police training taking place later that evening”. Having stopped off at Spec Savers, Andy accepted the ribbing which followed by all.

Finally we arrive back safe and sound around 6 p.m. having had a wonderful day and greeted by Kay and Sue who remained at Teddington.

With grateful thanks to Bob Tapp for taking the time to give Jacqui & Tony Smy personal guidance in preparation for their maiden tidal voyage and his presentation to the club.