Our Christmas Dinner was at a new location, the Thames Mercure in Staines.


Four boats attended the event, Rosette II, Pieces of Eight, Prime Time and Chimerique and the weekend from Friday to Monday provided perfect boating weather.  The boaters that arrived on Friday enjoyed a pub meal in the evening.  All boats were in place by Saturday afternoon having completed the quiz that had been devised by Sue and Alan.  It started at Shepperton Lock and finished 45 questions later at Hampton Court.

 Intrepid early birds from WBCC took a ‘dawn’ cruise to Windsor early in April.  They braved the cold nights, the raging torrents of the Thames and the many hazards still in the water from the floods of the winter.  Here is their account of this early season adventure……..

The first club cruise of the 2014 season benefitted from warm sunshine and little river traffic. Malbec, (Ron and Sheriden with their grandchildren Molly and Nick) and Rosette 11 (Alan and Sue) cruised down from Bray and Chimerique (Denise and Roger) came up from Penton Hook.  On arrival, we exchanged stories of self service locks (what is our river license fee spent on?) and boats marooned on the river bank where they had been dumped by the flood waters.

The evening meal was in the Yangtze Chinese Restaurant in Windsor and this proved to be a feast.  We were invited to ask for more but the amount served

more than satisfied us.  Everything tasted delicious and the price was very reasonable.

The second day was also sunny and we sat on the river bank drinking coffee until it was time for the “find the air leak in one of the tubes of Ron’s dinghy” competition.  This was won by Alan and duly repaired. After that excitement it was time to depart.

Roger Harden


 Five boats went to Weybridge over Easter, the moorings which looked newly refurbished are on the left hand side as you turn right into the weir stream after Shepperton lock and apart from being very dusty with the dried mud left over from the floods, it was a good spot.