Here is a selection of photographs from the dinner dance.

The plan was for us all to meet at 10am on the Sunday morning at the top of The Mount, a high, prominent feature to the West of Guildford.  It is always a brave decision to arrange a walk in December but then we are boaters, we are used to wet weather, we are a hardy bunch aren’t we and so that shouldn’t put us off, should it? Well come the day at 8am it was coming down in the proverbial stair rods, however being the eternal optimist I assumed it would get better later in the morning, probably by the time we get to the start point I told myself!  As it turned out that is what happened, more or less, and so the five starters Roger & Denise, Julia (with Jim at the start to wave her off as he was recovering from op on knees) Linda and myself.

This year's Strawberry Cruise was well attended with ten club boats and several additional crews coming by car.  Kay served up her usual delicious tea with fresh strawberries followed by scones and clotted cream.  All this was managed for just £2.50 per head; even less than advertised.