Like most clubs, our is run by our officers and committee.

Officers and Committee

Commodore Tony Cliffe Pastiche
Vice Commodore Phil Johnston Kerry Anne V
Rear Commodore Alan Darby Another Knot
Past Commodore David Seager  
Hon. Treasurer David Seager  
Hon. Secretary Jean Cliffe Pastiche
Committee Members Jim Taylor Pieces of Eight
  Julia Taylor Pieces of Eight
  Mike O'Brien  
Webmaster David Seager  


Roll of Honour - Past Commodores

1976 Mr L Swettenham 1992 Mr J Cornish 2008 Mr G Johnson
1977 Mr L Swettenham 1993 Mr A Hamblin 2009 Mr G Johnson
1978 Mr L Swettenham 1994 Mr A Hudson 2010 Mr D Seager
1979 Mr H Robins 1995 Mrs L Pinchbeck 2011 Mrs J Taylor
1980 Mr D Clarkson 1996 Mr P Willson 2012 Mr M O'Brien
1981 Mr D Clarkson 1997 Mrs K Johnston 2013 Mr M O'Brien
1982 Mr R Sargent 1998 Mr A Cliffe 2014 Mrs D Harden
1983 Mr R Sargent 1999 Mr P Graham 2015 Mrs L Johnson
1984 Mr R Sargent 2000 Mr P Johnston 2016 Mr D Seager
1985 Mr R Tapp 2001 Mr D Muller 2017 Mr D Seager
1986 Mr R Tapp 2002 Mr G Dicker 2018 Mr A Cliffe
1987 Mr R Tapp 2003 Mr P Johnston 2019 Mr A Cliffe
1988 Mr J Hopkins 2004 Mr D Seager 2020 Mr A Cliffe
1989 Mr J Hopkins 2005  Mr D Seager 2021   Mr A Cliffe
1990 Mr G Prevost 2006 Mr G Johnson    
1991 Mr P Sullivan 2007 Mr G Johnson